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Giveaway – Approved Reader Copies

Giveaway – If you’re an established book reviewer with a significant readership and would like the opportunity to read and review (without fear or favour) our new edition of THE SNOWING AND GREENING OF THOMAS PASSMORE prior to publication on 1st Oct. 2018, please use our Contact form to provide details of your site.

However, a word of caution: if you’re the type of reader who doesn’t like non-lineal or layered narratives, this book is definitely NOT for you. We have a limited number of Approved Readers Copies in this giveaway, so unfortunately will not be able to send an ARC to everyone who requests one.

Approved Reader Copies - giveaway
The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore

First published in 2008 in the UK, the Windeye edition is a new, revised edition under the author’s own imprint and includes chapter head-piece illustrations. It has generous, well-designed pages and an eye-catching cover. A perfect giveaway for discerning reviewers!

THE SNOWING AND GREENING OF THOMAS PASSMORE is a contemporary romance with touches of magic realism. Middle-aged Tom Passmore gets bizarrely sucked back into his past when a family illness calls him back from Australia to Britain, where he decides to search for Kate Hainley, the girl he fell in love with when he was 17. Dreams, memories and the present collide to create a new, life-changing reality in this non-lineal narrative.

Something strange is happening to Thomas Passmore.
Waking from a warm Australian beach, he finds himself at Heathrow Airport on a winter’s morning, but can’t remember getting there.
Haunted by his father’s suicide, his mother’s rejection and by increasingly vivid dreams of Kate Hainley, his first love, Thomas’s bizarre journey takes him into a world where one man’s struggle to live again is as timeless as the battle of the seasons.

A quirky and magical tale of loss, love and learning to live.